Simplify and control your purchases with Yaydoo´s procurement software

The procurement software that helps you automate your procurement management process, improving the visibility and control of your business spend.

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Purchase Management

Organize all your purchases, from the order creation to the goods delivery


Total control
Create purchase orders and choose when to receive your products or services.

Centralize the communication of your team and keep purchase requests in a single place.

Compare quotes and create purchase orders with a single click.

Access to thousands of pre-negotiated products and services, or add your own vendors.

Approval Workflows

Visualize and control every purchase order.

Digital workflows
Simplify and digitize requests, approvals, purchases and vendor payments.

Keep all processes documented, purchase requests, good receipts and invoices

Real time notifications
Get notified when you have pending requests and notifications.

Purchases control
Keep control of all purchases and stay on budget.

Budget Management

Control and manage budgets with quotes and vendors that are tailored to your needs.

Create, prioritize and control available budgets.

Budget responsible
Define a budget responsible for each one of the budgets.

Budget assignment
Assign budgets for departments, categories or products to keep all your purchases under control.

Reports and notifications
Get total visibility of your expenses, and where your money is going.

Expenses Report

Know, analyze and control your business spend.

Be aware of your expenses. Create reports to understand how each team member, department or branch is using their resources.

Get access to an excel file with all the information about your purchases.

Streamline the analysis of your purchases with pre-defined reports.

Create and share reports with your team members informed about purchases.

Accounts Payable

Optimize your liquidity by controlling payments.

Control invoices from vendors, and pay only those that are approved and handled.

Cashflow control
Improve cash flow control by restricting payments, setting deadlines and optimize your liquidity.

Payment orders
Schedule your payments on time and keep a positive relationship with vendors.

Manage your business purchases
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